Find all of Kathleen’s whimsical artwork of lovable Labrador Retrievers below. If you really love one of the illustrations and want to purchase it, just click on the picture and it will take you directly to that page of our Fine Art America shop.


Black Lab Reading Book
Who wants a well behaved dog when you can have a well read dog? (OK, maybe it would be best to have both!)
Yellow Lab Cooking
Bone broth, anyone?
Yellow Labrador Retriever Wearing Winter Hat
You think dogs are warm enough with the fur they evolved with? Nonsense! Pom-pom hats for everyone!
Artist Lab
It’s important to encourage the innate abilities of your Lab. Is your furry friend talented with a paint brush?
Yellow Lab Valentine's Day Art
“Will you be my Valentine?”
How can you say “No” to a face like that?
Yellow Lab Cowboy Artwork
Are you a cattle rancher looking to take a vacation? Just leave your Lab in charge, everything will be fine!
Black Lab Cowboy Artwork
Chocolate Lab Cowboy Artwork
Yellow Labrador Retriever Art Drummer
I think it may finally be time to get your Lab some drum lessons.
Black Lab Artwork Drums
Chocolate Labrador Art Drum
Yellow Labrador Fishing Artwork
“The fish was this big! You wouldn’t believe it!”
Yeah, yeah, if I could have a nickel for every time my Lab has told me that!
Yellow Lab Graduation Artwork
My Lab graduated from school! (Go see the the last image on the page to figure out which school she graduated from!)
Labrador Retriever Wearing Crown Artwork
Her Highness, Queen of the House (and the yard, and your bed, and the couch…)
Yellow Lab Wearing Glasses
I hate it when my Lab borrows my reading glasses. I wish he would just get his own pair!
Black Lab Firefighter
Honoring all the brave fire fighters and arson detection Labs who work to keep us safe.
Yellow Labrador Retriever Firefighter
Chocolate Labrador Artwork Firefighter
Labrador Retriever Art Pirates
Arr, Matey! If you’re not careful, these nefarious Lab pirates will come and lick you to death!
Labrador Retrievers at an Irish Pub
There’s nothing like sitting down with your friends for a drink at the pub after a long day!
Labrador Retrievers playing the Jazz Saxophone
Apparently, not having opposable thumbs is no impediment to playing the saxophone!
Black Lab in a Kayak
Does your Lab enjoy a morning paddle?
Labrador Retriever Art Kayak
OK, it can be hard to get up in time for a morning paddle. Does your Lab prefer to go paddling in the evening?
Yellow Lab using a typewriter
Well, it would just be ridiculous to allow a dog to use a computer, so we taught our Lab how to use the typewriter instead.
Labrador Retrievers dressed as scientists
Oh, so this is what they mean by “animal testing”!
Yellow Lab Fourth of July Artwork
It’s not the 4th of July without a Lab.
Black Lab Statue of Liberty Art
Chocolate Labrador Retriever Patriotic Artwork
Chocolate Lab Sleeping Art
If my Lab could win a contest in anything, it would be napping. What a champion napper!
Yellow Lab wearing Moose Antlers
I always make sure to bring a Moose with me on vacation. It helps me blend in with the locals.
Black Lab Artwork Moose
Chocolate Lab Artwork Moose
New Year Labrador Retriever Art
My Lab throws the best New Year’s Eve parties! We’re the envy of all the neighborhood.
Snowboard and Ski Labrador Retriever Art
There’s nothing like hitting the slopes to make my Lab happy. If only he wouldn’t show me up so badly…
Police Officer Labrador Retriever Art
In honor of all the Police Officers, human and canine, who work to keep our communities safe.
Yellow Labrador Retriever playing the guitar
Hmm, another musical Lab. Maybe he needs a new drummer for his band…
Bathroom Artwork Black Lab in Bathtub
Rub-a-dub dub,
Three Labs in a tub,
Who do you think they be?
The fetcher, the shaker,
The great, big mess maker,
But none as cute as me!
Yellow Lab Art Dog in Bubble Bath
Chocolate Labrador Retriever Artwork Bathtub
Snow Lab Artwork
“Do you think Frosty’s going to try and steal his hat back?”
Yellow Lab Artwork Halloween Witch
How do you get more treats than everyone else? Why, be the cutest witch ever, of course!
Artwork Yellow Labrador Retriever at the Beach
This is the life, I get my people to lug all my stuff to the beach for me, and I just lounge.
Labrador X-Ray Art for Vet
Yeah, I’m pretty sure my Lab is smart enough to be a doctor too. Seems about right.


All of these illustrations are available as framed prints and stretched canvases.


Print Choices
Looking for a great Lab print to add to your home or to give as a gift? All of our Maddie Lab Studio images are available in a variety of sizes, formats and prices. The artwork can be ordered as unframed prints, stretched canvases, framed prints or posters. All of our images are created in Kathleen’s home studio and then all but the posters are printed and carefully packaged and shipped directly from our partner company, Fine Art America. Posters are printed and packaged in Kathleen’s studio. Please note that the watermark on the image will not appear on the print.

The prints help to add some color and whimsy to your home, while also showcasing your passions and personality. Framed prints and stretched canvases make perfect gifts for the Lab lover in your life, as they can be hung the perfect spot as soon as they arrive. Unframed prints and posters are perfect to use in frames you already own or in ones that fit your decorating scheme.

Any illustration that is ordered as a stretched canvas or framed print is eligible for our personalization service. Kathleen can add a name or word into a specific location on the illustration for an additional fee. This allows you to end up with an illustration that is extremely personal. Customers interested in this service should contact Kathleen before placing an order.

Lab Color
If you see an illustration that you love but you don’t see it in the Lab color you want, please contact us. Kathleen is working her way through all of the illustrations so each can be available in Yellow, Black and Chocolate. For customers interested in ordering a framed or stretched canvas print, Kathleen will create the desired color for no additional charge. For this service, please contact Kathleen before placing an order and allow a few extra weeks for the new version to be created. A proof will be sent to you showing the new color version prior to finalizing the order.