Posted by on Nov 18, 2014


So many times we find ourselves in the position of wanting to give someone a “little something” but its hard to know what to get. Maybe it is a gift for a hostess, or a thank you to a teacher or mentor, or a small item for a gift exchange. It’s fun to find something small that reflects our appreciation of the unique qualities of the recipient.

I am fortunate to have received many such gifts over the years, and most of them live up in my studio. There is the set of oversized colored pencils made to look like branches, the Santa ornament that depicts the jolly old guy as an artist, the poseable dog manikin, and the pillow, just to name a few. These wonderful items remind me of the time someone took to find a “little something” that is uniquely “me”.


So, with this kind of gift giving in mind, we are introducing a new option at Maddie Lab Studio. All of our posters are now available in a very economical 5″x7″ size. These prints come in a white beveled cut mat that will fit a standard 8″x10″ frame.


If you need to pick up some unique little gifts for the holidays, think about your recipient’s interests. Are they an artist, writer, firefighter, police officer, doctor, veterinarian, scientist? Do they like to kayak or cook? Do they love jazz or fishing? Do they play the drums or guitar or love to build snowmen? We are expanding our images all the time. Take a look. You just might find the perfect “little something” to let your recipient know you thought specifically about them.