Posted by on Mar 2, 2015

There’s nothing better than sketching a sleeping dog!

Aside from the fact that Maddie and Milo are adorable in their slumber, they don’t move! This is one of the best aspects of drawing sleeping dogs.

Sketches of Sleeping Labs

A sleeping dog makes a great reference!

I recently found a great post by illustrator James Gurney about an artist who created tons of drawings of dogs sleeping in his studio. Apparently, the British artist, Cecil Aldin (1870-1935), would let his dogs and his friends’ dogs run around until they fell asleep. Then he would create observational sketches while the dogs napped. Later he would develop the sketches into final drawings.

Cecil Aldin's Dogs Sleeping Drawing

See more of Cecil Aldin’s drawings on James Gurney’s blog.

Looking over Aldin’s drawings certainly gives me great inspiration to continue to draw my own furry friends as they dream away in my studio. Take a peek at the adorable drawings by Aldin and learn more about this great dog artist on Gurney’s blog. Well worth the read.

Poster of a Yellow Labrador Retriever taking a nap

Here’s one of my newest posters, inspired by my own snoozing Labs! Find it on my Etsy store.